when the guns went missing

photo credit: pixabay











he was acting off, rather sullen and tense at the same time.

she watched him, discerning the spirit she sensed.

he left with the car.

standing in the middle of the front room, it dawned on her.

running to the storage cabinet, she pulled the doors open.

they were gone, both the glock and the walther.

she dropped to her knees to see if he had just moved them.

they weren’t there.

she went through the closets, the nightstands, the cupboards and every conceivable place she could think of.

they were gone.

she was sick to her stomach and she was angry.

he must have needed cash.

they were at the pawn shop.

then, the voice came.

“you’re going to have to forgive him for that.”

she drew in a deep breath.

“father, I forgive him as you have forgiven me.

i ask you to forgive him, too.”

(copyright 2016 jane doe)

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