dating, marriage and the mob


photo credit: pixabay

they saw each often, quickly becoming inseparable.

he was drawn to the light in her. she saw papa’s son in him.

papa gave her instruction. some was surprising, out of the box. but she knew it was him. spirit trained her to know.

jesus had her back, too. he told her so. she trusted him.

when he asked her to marry him, she was elated.

it looked different than many said it should look like.

spirit gave her words to confirm. she believed him instead.

they married with a small, simple ceremony.

and hell broke loose.

the fight for his soul was on. every demon with legal right to him came out of the shadows.

she listened for instructions from papa. this playing field was new to her.

she needed new strategy. new seeing. new hearing. new wisdom. it came as needed.

he offered up information about things in his past. she listened intently.

she saw that he hurt, that he carried guilt, remorse, shame. his load was heavy.

she kept a poker face on the outside. on the inside her heart beat faster and her eyes grew wide. even her internal eyebrows shot up often.

what was papa up to?

one morning, he left her alone for an hour while he walked the dog.

a program came on the television.

an american wife told how her husband led a double life.

the woman learned he was really a member of a new york mob family.

the wife told the interviewer how her husband gave his life to jesus over time when his deeds came to light.

she listened to the woman talk, taking deep breaths to remain calm.

spirit showed her things.

when the show ended, she called the number to pray with someone over what she had seen.

it was game on.

nothing would be as it was one hour earlier.

(copyright 2016 jane doe)