angels kept him

photo credit: jane doe

she could no longer recall when it began.

life was normal, or as much as it could be.

they’d have dinner and talk about the day’s experiences.

rainy nights often sent them to bed early.

they cuddled, talked, held hands, watched movies.

they did what lovers do.

things were good until they weren’t.

he sat up suddenly one night, swinging his feet to the side of the bed.

he dressed in silence and pulled his boots on.

his eyes were vacant.

his face was set like stone.

she asked where he was going.

he did not answer.

she asked where he had been when he returned.

he did not answer.

he could not answer.

it became a nightly ritual.

she knew it was a demon, a powerful one.

it took control of him each night at the same time.

it was sent to destroy him, to destroy them.

the weeks turned into months.

she wept as she held her position.

his life was on the line.

she prayed for his protection.

angels kept him.

(copyright 2016 jane doe)


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