omelets and rainbows

he hadn’t slept well. again.

he’d needed help. the effects of the ‘help’ had left him groggy and foggy.

she was cheerful and optimistic, her glass always half full. they were oil and water that morning.

over breakfast, she talked about family, how traumatic events ripple through them, affecting everyone. she offered perspective and wisdom.

he was angry at what she said, more agitated now than he’d been before they sat down to eat. her words broke up the lies he’d been camped on.

the nasty three-some spirits of poverty, self-pity & infirmity had been shaken loose. they were not pleased. self-pity was especially irked.

she went to the restroom to breathe. holy spirit said that was enough for now. ‘yes, that was enough,’ she agreed.

he looked like he wanted to throw his omelet across the table at her. anger masked all of his handsome features. this was not the man she’d first met. this one was hearing truth and getting free. the demons wanted to retain control.

photo credit: pixabay

his mind raced as he glared at his omelet, avoiding her eyes.

if what she said was true, he had no choice but to shift his thinking.

he was an overcomer now, no longer a victim, no longer a slave to fear.

he liked that she was smart and talked with father, jesus and holy spirit. until they all pushed a button together at the same time.

it took him a minute to think it through, to make a better choice. but he did. because he was smart. he had the mind of christ.

they left the restaurant and headed out on the open road.

he pulled into one park and stopped the truck. he barked at her. “do you want to stay here or go to the gorge?” she kept her peace and cheery demeanor. “you get to choose, you’re driving.”

he shifted the truck back into drive, and they continued on. she prayed with holy spirit. the silence between them was deafening for a minute.

the atmosphere shifted when they reached the park in the river gorge, their destination.

as they drove over the bridge, fresh snow was visible on the tops of the trees. low hanging clouds reminded her of holy spirit. it was breathtaking.

she asked him to stop the truck so she could get out and take photos from there. he parked and did the same.

of course, the park ranger approached from the other direction in his truck. he wore a scowl on his face. “can you please move your truck off of the bridge?” they climbed back into the truck and drove into the parking area.

soon after, they began walking the paved path around the park, her arm linked through his. it was how they walked together.

gentle rain began to fall.

he stopped in front of her and adjusted the hood of her rain coat so she would stay dry and warm. her heart skipped a beat at his tenderness. this was the man she knew and loved.

moving forward again, she began talking to him about the man he had become, who he was now, and the importance of the sacrifices he’d made. they were the right choices. even when other voices screamed loudly with accusation. he had done the right thing.

she brought up father god, then abraham and isaac, joseph and pioneers. as they talked, he remembered abraham didn’t have to sacrifice isaac.

she offered him a similar story of a father who loved his young daughter, giving her up so she would have the best. more than he could offer her at the time. she assured him that father always caused things to work together for good. it was what he did.

he turned back around to the north side of the park and quietly announced, “look, there’s a rainbow.”

she turned, looking the same direction. her eyes grew wide and her heart beat a little faster.

father had dropped a rainbow 50 yards in front of them. it was close enough to touch.

the colors grew more vivid and brilliant. then a second rainbow appeared behind the first.

father was not shy in showing his love and goodness to them. the rainbows were gifts of honor and promise to them right there in that place.

photo credit: jane doe

when father knew they ‘got it,’ the rainbows faded away.

he was a good father.

and he would keep his promises to them.

(copyright 2017 jane doe)



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