men in the cloud

she met the other woman on facebook.

father god brought them together. before too long, they were sisters and prayer partners. the deep in each of them called out to the other.

they messaged often but talked on the phone seldom. life was busy.

father connected them at pivotal moments. they moved mountains together in prayer.

one sunday morning, they prayed over their homeland.

holy spirit showed them their country in the 1960’s, describing the effects of the war on their nation.

this war was different than previous wars. the attack of the enemy more strategic, centered on the destruction of family.

spirit went on, showing them white chalk outlines of footprints in each place across the land where a man had been pulled out of position. they were everywhere.

so many men never returned. and no one filled those vacant positions.

the men who lived to tell were not themselves when they came home. they were broken in every way: emotionally, mentally, physically.

all  were traumatized by war, with remnants of death, destruction and unimaginable loss hanging from them like heavy weights they couldn’t shake off.

some men grieved silently, others outwardly. many could not function at all.

no one had the knowledge to make their fragmented souls whole again.

it was a turning point for the country.

the women prayed together, and each went on with their day.

later, holy spirit showed her the vacancies with the chalk outlines again.

he showed her that the missing men were now present in the cloud of witnesses.

photo credit: pixabay

then he gave the directive. it was clear and out of the box.

“speak to the men in the cloud. tell them to return to their previous positions all across the country. they must occupy those places again and pray from those places.”

it was a new level of engagement with heaven.

she did as she was instructed.

the men in the cloud moved into their former positions.

they pray for the men who are alive now, today, in this time.

our men are becoming strong again.

when the men are strong, the families are strong.

(copyright 2017 jane doe)

6 thoughts on “men in the cloud

  1. Very interesting. I remember being at a SOZO conference… it was told to us there that Buddhist (or some other religious folk) were known to pray over the Americans and other men fighting that they were to become broken and disembodied men… this is a word of confirmation…. Father restoring that which was stolen. Good word.


  2. I had to wait until the tears stopped rolling down my cheeks. My older precious brother is one of those who at 18 years old went to war. I have his silver star and bronze metals for killing children and blowing up women strapped with bombs. He came home to a country that treated him like a paira and a health care system that decided he was just damaged mentally and tried to lick him up. He lived hard and fast, drugs, alcohol and guns were the norm. One day he met Jesus. He was never the same! He now is home with our Heavenly Father. I miss him but I would not wish him back. It touches me deeply to know that he is with the cloud of witnesses. Thank you for your blog.


    1. Oh, I’m so sorry, Kathie, my heart goes out to you.

      I have known many men who returned fractured. I saw Father God in each of them. One had many medals, too, including a purple heart. I believe they were all destroyed in a house fire recently. That might have been a good thing for him. I may write about him one day.


  3. i believe God wants to heal are still not ready to take up FAMILY LIFE ..its time to pray and heal the fragmented souls , reclaim them back , to build families and find favor from God . Most men are so broken up that they dont know who they are , Devil has taken up their minds , bodies and souls. They can not function well , Someone needs to stand in the gap and pray. Pornography , drugs etc has taken them over .War was the root cause but time has come to build a new generation. The lord has been teaching me on how to do soul , spirit and flesh deliverance,,,,how to deliver someone and mend their souls. atoning for their sins and asking for their sins forgiveness ,, Its a way that can cut many generational curses, national curses and personal curses and demonic and satanic connections /

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