going to the movies

she called him the next morning.

after some small talk, she told him she wanted to take him to see, “the shack,” over the weekend. he said he’d read some reviews on it. of course he did.

he was smart and well read when he chose. not much got by him.

movie theater
photo credit: pixabay


she assumed they were negative reviews and dove in to counter what she thought would be a negative response.

“i didn’t say they were negative reviews. calm down.”

‘i’m sorry. you’re right, you didn’t say that. please forgive me.”

she went on. “it’s important to me that you see this movie.”

his response surprised her. “well, if it’s important to you that I see it, then I guess I ought to go.”

she stopped to process what he said.

well, then. that was a new response.

they made plans to go over the weekend.

she and some close friends began to pray into it.

there would be a good outcome all around.

the world needed what father had built into him.

it was time for his release, time for his freedom.


(copyright 2017 jane doe)

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