sneaker waves


photo credit: pixabay

jesus summoned her to the beach again on a sunday afternoon.

this time she went alone.

her shoes stayed on her feet until she couldn’t stand it anymore. they had to come off.

finding a washed up log to assist her, she took off her shoes, placing them on the log.

barefoot. and barefoot on the beach. more better.

haystack rock was off in the distance surrounded by sunbeams. she snapped some photos with her phone, turning her back to the sun and surf to post them.

then it caught her. completely off guard. unprepared.

it was a sneaker wave.

she squealed in surprise as the cold water rushed up her legs to knee level, watching in disbelief as the rogue wave swooshed her shoes forward off the log.

one shoe landed in the sand in front of her. she turned around to see the misbehaving wave carry the other shoe toward the sea.

she called out to the wave, “you’d better bring that back here!”

laughing, she grabbed the shoe that didn’t get away and placed it back on the log.

when she turned back to the water, the wave had returned her other shoe. she ran out to get it before it got away again.

shoes secured, she looked up and around to see people. watching her. smiling. pointing. laughing. “oh, lord,” she said, shaking her head.

regrouping, she walked the beach and worshipped.

she loved this time with jesus. they played and laughed.

when it was nearly time to leave for home, father joined the conversation.

it was about him, the man she’d invested her heart in for several years.

“you couldn’t write his story until you lived his life with him.”

the next sneaker wave she felt was a wave of father’s love washing over her.

he let her feel his love for the man, his son.

father shared more insight.

he showed her how love covers a multitude of sins.

he explained the necessity of covering others with love when they stumble.

“forgive someone, and you will strengthen your friendship. keep reminding them, and you will destroy it.” proverbs 17:9 (erv)

the sneaker waves came and the tears flowed for 3 weeks.

now, she would choose to cover with love.

(copyright 2017 jane doe)

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