order on the hill

photo credit: jane doe

her favorite bridge is iconic, a beautiful, majestic work of engineering and design.

when she first moved to the new city, it took her breath away.

she stepped outside the clay hut at night, the bridge before her, soft lights illuminating the green patina.

from the east and the west, drivers climb a steep elevation to get to the entrance of the bridge where they cross over into the city.

at the end of most work days, save for bank and school holidays, heavy traffic climbs the hill to cross the bridge.

the east bound hill has single lane traffic in both directions, but the west bound hill is different.

while one lane of traffic descends the hill toward the freeway, two lanes ascend to the top. these two lanes converge to one lane near the top. a trusty stoplight meets the drivers and manages traffic flow over the bridge.

chaos had ruled these two lanes in rush hour for as long as she’d lived there.

in those days, he drove her to and from work. they often took this route home in the evenings. it took about the same amount of time as taking the freeway.

driving this route had purpose attached to it.

the two ascending lanes were meant to accommodate two full lanes of traffic. spirits of chaos controlled these traffic lanes.

many drivers straddled the dashed lines in the center of the two lanes beginning at the bottom of the hill. their actions reduced the capacity of these lanes, nullifying their intent.

in addition, traffic backed up beyond the safety of the turn lane on the highway below. danger increased exponentially for those waiting to ascend the hill, as well as those simply traveling west on the highway.

it was a bad situation all around.

honking ensued. road rage followed close behind.

the chaos, unrest, anger and selfishness weren’t just influencing other drivers. he was influenced, too.

the weekday commute home was miserable. and some days, it was down right terrifying.

she did what she knew to do. holy spirit helped her.

each night in the car, she released kingdom order into the chaos on the hill.

she released angels to cause drivers to use both lanes as per the original intent.

she blessed the drivers. she released peace.

it got worse before it got better. she kept at it.

on the morning drives to work, they often took the freeway.

he was amazed as she commanded traffic to move at posted speeds, releasing angels into it to do her bidding. it moved.

finally, one evening on the commute home, what she had prophesied over the traffic on the hill became reality.

both lanes ascending to the top were in full use.

the honking was over. the rage was gone.

peace reigned.

the kingdom had come.

(copyright 2017 jane doe)



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