she knew her life was unusual, abnormal. she knew she was peculiar. for some in her circle, peculiar was an understatement. it didn’t matter anymore. maybe it never did.

she was trained by spirit through many books, many movies.

spirit taught her how to live life undercover, unseen, operating in stealth and hiddenness.

photo credit: jane doe











one set of books was a mystery trilogy. the heroine was an undercover agent.

she was a subject matter expert in one area, but was often called to work in areas outside her comfort zone.

papa reminded her of the teachings he brought her. he reminded her about the heroine. he showed her scenes from the trilogy when she needed them.

‘i will never ask you to do anything that alex was not asked to do.’

she drew in a breath when papa said it. there was no handbook for this work.

she recalled how alex walked into dangerous situations fearlessly.

she observed the wisdom with which she responded to threats and attacks.

alex always had the right help at the right time. expertise came to her as needed. wisdom was ever present. somehow, she survived every attempt on her life.

alex loved justice. she extended mercy. compassion flowed through her hands and feet.

righteous anger mingled with mercy and compassion in the worst of circumstances.

in one story, she was moved as alex saw the real man inside the russian mobster who’d kidnapped her. that same mobster would make peace with papa on his deathbed in a later story.

alex was there with him. she held his hand and helped him find his way home.

through this heroine’s fictional life, papa showed her his love for others knew no bounds, no limits.

this training groomed and prepared her to perceive and obey the unconventional direction papa would give her in the future.

it was time to be as faithful to papa as he was to her.

she asked him for this level of faithfulness.

her life was not ordinary.

but it was the life she was built for.

(copyright 2016 jane doe)



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