in the beginning

papa had plans. he had purposes. he always does.

often, there are layers and layers to his plans and purposes, but they are always good.

she road the train across the country with less than two hundred lira.

her ticket was only one-way. this would be an extended visit.

as her train pulled into the station, she hoped to see the one person she knew in the unfamiliar town. that person never appeared. it was okay.

papa had her covered. help was ready and waiting for her.

employees at the train station helped her find a hostel to stay in the first night. they even drove her there.

on her first night, papa asked her if she would move there. she took a long breath and suggested they talk about it.

over a meal, papa told her why she was equipped to do it. she listened to him, to see what he saw, to hear what he knew she could do.

it was a bold, risky move, one that he had prepared her for over several years time.

she said yes.

after several days of shuffling around, she landed with a family that needed her help.

she watched the children. she cleaned the house. she fed and cared for the animals.

her quarters were a stone hut with walls twelve inches thick. it had a wood stove and an old mattress. it was cozy, even comfortable.

photo credit: jane doe

she lit the stove on cold nights. she worshipped. she prayed. she felt delight.

some nights, she would go to the river and sing over the city.

papa was there, too. he was always there.

she was aware of battles all around her.

she also knew she was surrounded by angels.

at long last, she lived in her own narnia.

it was time.

and it was good.

(copyright 2016 jane doe)

3 thoughts on “in the beginning

  1. Laurie, thank you for sending this my way! I love your style of writing and how Papa is unfolding your story so beautifully!! I truly have no idea exactly how painful and difficult this road has been, yet I see clearly the blossoms of release drenched in love flowing from you!! Your vibration is raising….bringing forth a beauty yet unseen!! Kudos!! Will be watching for more!!😘


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