elections and the church

the mayor’s office is a non-partisan position. what do you mean they want the candidates to announce their party affiliation? i’m not doing it.”

that was her first clue the whole thing was off. she refused to side with either party. this was out of order right out of the gate.

more than a decade had passed since that thinly veiled rigged election occurred.  

the hindsight and education she gleaned since then proved invaluable now, especially given the widespread voter and election fraud, manipulation and actual *selection* evils exposed since 2020. 

she lived in a blue state. she’d known for decades the elections were rigged. god-fearing people were not electing these criminals. 

or were they? it now appeared church leadership was synonymous with rino.

she had first-hand knowledge. did these people lay awake at night wondering if they would be found out? if not, they should have. 


after she took the voluntary corporate layoff, she knew things would change. she had given father god a major *yes* to what he was asking. the stakes got higher, and life got more interesting. 

why did holy spirit teach her evasive driving techniques? why did she carry everywhere she went? why did she feel like she was constantly being followed?

the red-pilling began in earnest along with key assignments designed to be set in motion at the right time. the people running things exist in every sector of society. what they and their predecessors put in motion decades earlier was causing great harm and destruction to humanity.

when she learned about the child sacrifice in tunnels under the city, she began to see various faces and professions. none would want their secrets revealed. and some of those people fell in the category of “those you trust the most.” church people. pastors. leaders.

who were these *church* people, really? how many of them were involved in child sacrifice in tunnels under the city? how many were masons? 

and why did they rig a mayor’s race?


the story began in fall of that year. she had the opportunity to have lunch with the current mayor about things she saw occurring in the future. it was not light-hearted conversation, but he wanted to know. they agreed to meet again to discuss roles / actions. that meeting never occurred.

after christmas, word got out that the much beloved mayor was stricken with a fast-spreading cancer in his back. an unusual place for cancer. was it the result of back-stabbing? witchcraft at a high level? 

dismayed at the news, she prayed for him as she headed to texas for a conference and several other appointments. 

upon her return, she settled back into a routine. one morning she went to the community center and greeted the receptionist at the desk, inquiring how the mayor was. 

he died two days ago,” was the woman’s somber response. she stood there in shocked silence. the receptionist went on to say a special election would be held to elect a new mayor, also providing details about the memorial service.

as she stood there trying to absorb the information, father god spoke: “i want you to run for mayor.” sometimes his asks were like a gut punch. she went upstairs and got on the treadmill thinking about the logistics of running for mayor. it seemed crazy. 

she was unemployed with no prospects. the severance package had run out. and the housing market had crashed leaving millions of people upside down on their mortgages. her finances were in a shambles and the townhouse was in foreclosure. it was the movie, “the big short,” in living color, a full-on nightmare. 

but he said to do it. so she did.  

amid all the required filings, meetings, and campaigning opportunities, she discovered the favorite republican candidate (for a non-partisan office) was a member of the megachurch she formerly attended. 

interesting. she knew church leadership would back him based on old boys’ clubs’ networks in that church body. nepotism and *relationships* opened doors of favor into the club.

father god had begun to show her some things and when it was time, he pulled her out of there. she knew that they knew she knew and that was a problem. she was not banned but she was blacklisted. 

therefore, her candidacy had no backing. or did it

out of the blue, she got a call from another pastor in the city. he headed up the largest lutheran church and wanted to take her to breakfast to learn about her platform and see how they could support her. 

naively thinking the best, she met him at perkins. they ordered their meals and he began to ask her questions. she answered them, detailing the things that father god had on his heart for the people of the city, things he wanted accomplished.

they had a great visit, shook hands, agreed to meet again. the city’s cable station was holding a live debate between the candidates in just a couple of weeks. she was looking forward to sharing the vision she has been given. 

what she did not know was that the wolf in sheep’s clothing recorded their entire conversation. he left with her platform, and he gave it to the rinos golden boy, someone who would do their bidding. 

two weeks later, it was time for the live candidates’ introduction and interview on the city’s cable channel. she was confident, poised, well dressed and ready to give people hope for their city. 

she greeted the other candidates as she walked into the studio. it was odd that the favored republican man could not look her in the eyes. 

he also had the first chair making him first on the list for questions from the moderator. she was second in line. the moderator began asking questions. 

she sat in stunned disbelief as the first candidate answered every question with her answers. every single one

when it was her turn to answer, she had nothing to offer, nothing to say. it never occurred to her to rat out the fake pastor that had recorded and stolen her answers on live television. she left the interview shaken with the realization of what they had done to her. 

the humiliation continued as the leftist newspaper and local political pundits shredded her. it went from bad to this. cannot. be. happening. 

she had been asked by her father in heaven to engage in this election. it had thrust her into a warfare she was not familiar with, and it appeared to be kicking her ass. 

election day was nerve-wracking and depressing. she received 53 votes out of a possible 50-60,000. this was ugly. not fully understanding what had occurred, she felt beaten. going out in public was almost worse now than when her head had gone through the windshield of a car. 

for 2-3 months, she kept asking father god why she didn’t win. wasn’t that the goal? it was not. it was the beginning of exposing things to her that would serve her well later. she kept pulling on him for an explanation until he gave her one:

“child, you were not supposed to win. you were only supposed to stand. and you did. this election exposed the churches and they have received my indictment against them.”


now, years later, things are being exposed. many question what’s behind and underneath much of the church leadership in this country. 

is it legitimate? is it godly? does it align with heaven’s agenda? how did it begin?

who funded the seminaries?

who decided what the curriculum (i.e. programming) would be?

how did one body of christ get split into a gazillion denominations?

what was obama’s clergy response team? 

why didn’t churches ever openly speak against abortion? 

why did some churches align with the plandemic and encourage their members to inject themselves with an unapproved substance with no ingredient label? 

why didn’t they call out the death assignments in the hospitals when their own members were being murdered with ventilators, malnutrition and copious amounts of remdesivir? 

and why is the money always more important than the people? 

because the 501c3 status is driven by the illuminati.

let every hidden work of darkness in every church in america be revealed and rooted out. let every enemy of god be exposed, shamed and shredded by the razor of the lord. 

for it is the time [destined] for judgment to begin with the household of god; and if it begins with us, what will the outcome be for those who do not respect or believe or obey the gospel of god?

1 peter 4:17

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“this is a work of fiction. any names or characters, businesses or places, events or incidents, are fictitious. any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental.”