the promise remains

the walking/talking and moments of silence continued until they reached the other side of the park where the docks were.

the island was in front of them. they’d seen elk here the last time.

they stopped walking and stood together.

she felt holy spirit all around them. the intensity was so great, she could barely get the words out. but she looked him in the eyes. she began to speak the powerful words holy spirit gave her. she spoke softly but with great strength.

“over time, you will begin to see yourself as you are seen and known in heaven. that is what the enemy most fears, because when you begin to live and move in your true identity, when you know…”

her voice broke with emotion as she stopped to compose herself. “…when you know just how much you are loved, you will be unstoppable.”

tears welled up her eyes and ran down her cheeks. holy spirit continued to move in and around them. it was hard to even stand in that place. these words were new to him and he had not often felt holy spirit like this.

her emotion made him uncomfortable, too. she was intense when she talked about father, jesus and holy spirit.

he needed space and walked down the ramp to the dock. she wiped her eyes and watched him from the top of the hill.

she heard the birds screaming to each other before she saw them. following their sound, her gaze moved to her right. two eagles flew in tandem across the water toward the island.

she called out to him so he could see them, too. they both watched them land together in a tree.

photo credit: pixabay

it was a another sign.

he didn’t know what it meant. but she did.

father’s voice came again, strong, gentle, kind. “the promise remains.”

more tears. more tissues. glory and mess.

after a while, they began the walk back around the park, retracing their steps.

when they had almost reached the parking lot, she looked down to the ground to watch their feet as they moved.

father spoke to her again, saying, “when the walk began, your steps were not synchronized, but by the time your day was ending, you were in lockstep together.”

(copyright © 2017 jane doe)

healing in the water

photo credit: pixabay

she was back swimming at the pool two to three times per week.

it was good to be in the water again. her strength was returning. and so was her joy.

healing was in the water.

he appeared at the edge of pool one day, jumping into the deep end next to her as she did her own version of water aerobics.

it didn’t take long before they acknowledged each other with their eyes, and saying hello not long after.

soon, he smiled at her, extending his hand in a formal introduction.

he was different. it only took her a minute to get lost in his golden brown eyes.

two days later she parked her car outside the pool.

she gathered her things, getting ready to go in. her hand was on the door handle when father spoke.

“this will be the most fulfilling relationship of your life.” his voice was warm, strong, reassuring, and filled with promise.

she sat there for a minute taking in the weight of his words, smiling, feeling his love wash over her.

his words spoke of the fulfillment of a promise, a bright future that was secure in him, their good father, the father of lights.

she went in to swim. he came a little later.

it was his birthday.

they swam together regularly. then they began to do other things together.

father told her three characteristics about him she needed to hear. they were powerful adjectives: ‘consistent. reliable. stable.’

father kept showing her the foundation he had built in this man.

the next descriptors were ‘honorable’ and ‘integrity.’

more words came. always good words.

she saw him. she saw his heart. she saw the man inside.

she saw father’s son.

one day, she worked up enough courage to finally ask him the ‘how’ and the ‘what happened’ that caused them to meet.

his response was powerful, speaking volumes in six short words.

“i saw you and i knew you.”

(copyright 2017 jane doe)