an agreement is a manifestation of mutual assent by two or more persons to one another. it is a meeting of the minds in a common intention and is made through offer and acceptance. an agreement can be shown from words, conduct, and in some cases, even silence.

wait. what?

silence. an agreement can be shown from words, conduct, and in some caseseven silence


it was nearly time for benefits enrollment. an outside agent that partnered with the company was coming to present additional offerings to the basic health and dental policies. 

she was not only tense about having to meet with this person, she was downright hostile. and not entirely certain as to all the reasons why. 

yes, the entire system was corrupt. rockefeller money founded and funded the medical schools, either killing or putting out of business every doctor that treated for true healing. 

the insurance industry was a sham, too. what was originally intended to cover only catastrophic illness had morphed into coverage with a subsequent office visit or urgent care for even a minor cut or sneeze. society had become dependent on the system. 

few knew how to care for themselves, either with nutrition or natural remedies that were far superior to the witchcraft-laced prescriptions pushed by doctors who were compromised by big pharma. “you won’t have to stay on this prescription forever..” right. 

do no harm,” had little to no meaning in the vast majority of clinics and hospitals. the machine was now based on money and the love of it. 

doctors and practitioners who chose to live and practice by the “do no harm” directive were the minority. they risked everything by rebelling against the system.

one evil hand fed the other. on and on and on. so it has gone for decades. why was there a pharmacy on every corner? why the push for the annual checkups? 

if false positives were a known fact for the covid plandemic, how many other false positives were given to unsuspecting patients to kill them only later with deadly petroleum-based pharmaceuticals? 


she met the insurance representative in the small conference room. her company was offering five additional products to fill in gaps around the standard converages. 

the woman commented how she and her husband were born again christians. conversation ensued. she started to speak truth, unable to conceal her anger for this rigged system. the woman was taken aback not expecting the facts that were coming out about the captured operation that insurance was, that the medical system was, that big pharma was. the conviction had to be unreal. 

and the word agreement came out. as believers, what were we collectively agreeing with to our own destruction?

what was hidden in plain sight was now exposed right there on the table in the form of a marketing brochure.


agreement. what had she agreed with decades earlier that had opened a door to destruction? the movie reel played in her head as she studied the marketing brochure for the accident insurance policy. 

suddenly, it was clear. going back in time, she recalled the neighbor lady coming to the farm to sell them an accident policy. it was simple. you were paid based on the severity of the calamity you suffered. 

it was a cheap policy, manageable in the monthly budget. they were not married yet. her fiancé had no health coverage either. it seemed like the right thing to do at the time. 

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yet, agreement with that policy, that ungodly source of provision, was also a silent agreement with catastrophe. not two months after the policy went into effect, he fell twenty feet from scaffolding that collapsed. his right hip and femur were shattered. 

the enemy comes to steal, kill and destroy. 

it is often done through silent agreement, by ignorance of what the agreement is actually legally binding one to. 

she took the brochures home to intentionally thrown them in the dust bin, making an outward show that she would never agree to those policies. those doors would not be opened again.


what a reveal. more exposure of the enemy. 

it was time to ask father god, jesus and holy spirit the hard question:

what else am i in agreement with that is allowing the enemy to steal, kill and destroy?” 

 god’s people no longer have to perish for lack of knowledge. 

it is a choice. 

do the work. 

search every matter out. 

you will know the truth and it will make you free. 

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